Heating and Cooling Options

May 1, 2019
Here is a checklist for LCP Dual Fuel members to ensure that
all equipment is functioning correctly.
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Lake Country Power offers a variety of electric heating and cooling options to fit the needs of your home, cabin or business. These Energy Wise® programs are offered at a reduced rate to help lower your energy bills. Each program varies in the way it heats and cools, so you can choose the method that best meets your needs.

Energy Wise programs are safe, clean, energy-efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling systems.

Take control of your energy costs. Our member service representatives can work with you to make sure you get the best program option to match your heating and cooling needs. Call us today at 800-421-9959 (press #6 when prompted) or visit Contractor Resources for contractor information.

Steffes Heating Systems

We offer several options to heat your home, cabin or business with the best heating technology available. The products are USA made in North Dakota by Steffes Corporation. You'll find technical information in the following brochure links, including sizing and dimensions. Contact our member service department for more information. Call 800-421-9959, press #6. For additional information, be sure to watch this short

3-minute video about Steffes off-peak systems

Steffes Comfort Plus Hydronic

Steffes Comfort Plus Forced-Air

Steffes Room Units


Water Heating

Off-Peak electric water heating

Lake Country Power's off-peak water heating program provides a low-cost water heating option for your home or business.

A minimum of a 100-gallon electric water heater is required. The water heater is energized or "turned on" for a minimum of eight hours per day, generally between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

Lake Country Power stocks and sells Marathon brand electric water heaters, which is a perfect match for the off-peak water heating program.

8-Hour Interruptible Water Heating

This new water heating program is great for cabins or homes with limited space for a larger water heater tank. It also works well for commercial members in small kitchens and bathroom areas.

The program supplies hot water over a peak period while the electrical supply is interrupted up to eight hours a day. A water heater of at least 50 gallons or more is required.

Visit the Marathon water heater official website.


Off-Peak heating

Off-peak electric heat systems convert electricity into heat during "off-peak" hours (usually at night). The stored heat is distributed later, as needed, to heat your home 24 hours a day. Lake Country Power offers competitive off-peak rates for:

Room storage heaters

Central storage system


Dual Fuel

The dual fuel heating program allows you to combine electric and non-electric heating sources to provide you another great alternative for your heating needs. If you have a backup heating system that is capable of heating your entire home or business, along with electric heat as your primary source, you can bank on the savings and security of two systems.

When demand for electricity is high, the electric heat source is shut off, or controlled (up to a maximum of 400 hours per heating season) with a maximum continuous control time of 12 hours. During control periods, your home's back-up heating system provides the heat you need.


Cycled / Interruptible Air Conditioning
You can get cost-effective cool comfort all summer long while helping reduce demand for electricity and control power costs with our cycled air conditioning program.

The cycled air conditioning program is controlled similarly to dual fuel heating, with the exception of control times. A central air conditioning system is required to qualify for the program.

During control periods, units are "cycled" on for 15 minutes and off for 15 minutes during the control period. Members who cool their homes with cycled air conditioning rarely notice when we control or cycle air conditioners.

Heat Pumps

Heat and cool with one technology! Ground source heat pumps are stand-alone systems that provide whole-house heating and cooling by utilizing heat present in the earth. Air source heat pumps draw their properties from the outside or inside air to heat or cool your home.

Federal Tax Credits: Be sure to ask your building contractor about federal tax credits that may apply to you.

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