Managing Email and Text Message Notifications

To manage or receive notifications from Lake Country Power, you will first need a SmartHub account. It's free and you can register online. 

There are two easy ways to access SmartHub: by desktop computer or by a mobile device application. Members can choose to manage notifications in several ways including receiving email, an opt-in to text (SMS) messages via a mobile device, to receive both email and SMS messages, or to be removed from certain announcements entirely.

1) SmartHub Mobile: After downloading the app and signing into your account, begin notification management by selecting Settings.

To make changes:

  1. First select Manage Contact Information under Notifications. Here you will add phone and email contacts. This must be done before you will be able to manage notifications. A code will be sent to device or email to verify information.
  2. Follow directions and enter verification code where appropriate.
  3. Verified contact will then be available as Verified Contacts for notification messaging.
  4. Exit Manage Contact Information page, returning to the Settings page, and select Manage Notifications under notifications.
  5. Under Notification Type, there are three options (Billing, Miscellaneous, & Reports). Select appropriate category. For Load Control Notifications select Reports.
  6. Choose the notification you would like to subscribe to. Then select how you would like to get your notification (text or email) and to what contact the message will be sent by sliding the buttons left or right (highlighted green means notification is ON).

2) Desktop computer (or a mobile device using a web browser). After signing into your account, you will be at the Home page.

To make changes:

  1. From the SmartHub Home page, click the Notifications tab on the top main bar.
  2. Click the Manage Contacts link in the far left menu. The Manage Contacts page appears, displaying various options for adding email addresses or cell phone numbers for text messaging.
  3. Add contacts by choosing the appropriate link on the top of the screen; Add Email Contact and/or Add Text Message Contact. Note: Follow directions and enter verification code where appropriate.
  4. Click the Manage Notifications link in the far left menu.
  5. The Manage Notifications page appears, displaying various categories of notifications including Billing, Miscellaneous and Reports. To enroll in Load Control notifications click Reports. Check the box next to Load Control Notification. Choose Options to change notification permissions.
  6. Click either Billing, Miscellaneous or Reports, then select the appropriate message types you would like to receive (i.e. Bill Available, Payment Confirmation, Auto Pay, Personal Info Change, etc.)
  7. Follow the onscreen instructions; click Options to set the available LCP notification types. Determine the type of notification you want — Email, Text Message or none.

Notice: In the event of a rare weekend or holiday control, these messages may not be sent out. Please refer to GRE’s website at for load management information.