Service Prices

Basic Residential Rates

Energy-Value Programs  

Off Peak Heating: 4.95 cents per kWh

Off Peak Water Heating: 4.95 cents per kWh

8-Hour Interruptible Water Heating: 6.15 cents per kWh 

Dual Fuel: 6.15 cents per kWh 

Cycled Air Conditioning: 6.15 cents per kWh

Air Source Heat Pump: 6.15 cents per kWh

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General Service Rates

Service Availability Charge: $42.00 / monthly

Shoulder Rate (March - May & September - November): 11.36 cents per kWh

Winter Rate (December - February): 12.36 cents per kWh

Summer Rate (June - August): 13.36 cents per kWh


Residential and seasonal members are billed monthly. For more information about power costs, please visit the frequently asked questions page.



Click and print the rebate form you need below  

Please read the details on the forms carefully to ensure your paperwork is complete and then submit to one of Lake Country Power's member service representatives. If you cannot open the file you need, please call a member service representative toll-free at 1-800-421-9959.


Energy Star Products   

Energy Star Lighting

ECM for residential HVAC

Ground Source Heat Pumps

NOTE: All incentives for the 2019 Air Source Heat Pump rebates have been distributed. Please check back in 2020 for more rebates for ductless and central air source heat pump offers.