Lake Country Power offers a variety of energy services to our commercial members

Billing Analysis: Questions about your bill? We can help! LCP offers billing analysis to go over charges and how your electric bills are calculated. 

Commercial Energy Assessment: Lake Country Power offers on-site energy assessments for your business. We will look over your energy usage and identify areas you can increase efficiency, look for process improvements and help lower overall costs.

Rebates: LCP offers a wide variety of commercial rebates. Ask today about your project to see if it applies.

Assessments, Audits, Building Studies and Commissioning: Rebates, resources and assistance are available to help you identify energy saving opportunities in new and existing facilities. Assistance includes, but is not limited to, energy audits, energy design assistance, building certifications, and in-depth commissioning of equipment.

Commercial Food Service: ENERGYSTAR® commercial kitchen food service equipment is the most efficient option. Nearly all commercial kitchen equipment is available as gas or electric. Electric equipment often provides a competitive advantage over gas by improving the cooking process, increasing production and food quality, improving indoor air quality and reducing kitchen safety hazards.

Compressed Air: Compressed air can be a significant energy user in a facility affecting operating costs, productivity, and profitability. These compressed air rebates can help identify and implement energy efficiency measures to reduce operating costs, improve productivity, enhance system efficiency, and increase profitability.

Motors and Drives: Increase the efficiency of your electrical motors and save. Your cooperative offers rebates to commercial members who install VFDs, VSDs or retrofit existing small motors with high-efficiency electronically commutated motors (ECMS).

Healthy Buildings & HVAC: Replacing a dated or unreliable system and upgrading to a higher efficiency model will provide immediate savings, lower maintenance costs, provide up-to-date, reliable equipment and provide more comfortable working conditions.

Lighting Retrofits: Did you know that lighting often accounts for over 40% of your energy bill? Rebates are available for LED lighting retrofit projects and for some new construction applications.

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Coil Cleaning: Lake Country Power offers its commercial members a coil cleaning rebate for any commercial grade refrigeration equipment.

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Electrification Rebates: Are you choosing electric over gas in your manufacturing process? Lake Country Power has rebates available for process improvements that increase productivity, reduce electricity, or choose electricity over fossil fuels. These rebates will require an energy assessment by Lake Country Power.