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EVs are coming to northern Minnesota

2024 Electric Vehicle Charger Rebates

Up to $500 — Standard Residential Level 2 charger rebate – when charger is purchased and metered on an Off-Peak LCP Energy Wise® Program. Call co-op for details and requirements.

Electric Vehicle Off-Peak Charging Program

LCP up to $500 Rebate

$500 Promotion

Commercial Level 2 charger installation — Call co-op for details.

DC Fast Charger (50kW +) — Call co-op for details.

For more information call 800-421-9959, press #6.

The cooperative recently added an electric vehicle to its fleet – a 2019 Chevy Bolt. As EV technology improves, we want LCP employees to be a resource for members wanting more information when contemplating this change; sometimes an intimidating change when weighing the pros and cons of such a big lifestyle decision.

Electric vehicles are making their way to Lake Country Power members. Incentives include off-peak charging and electricity purchased from renewable wind energy though the co-op's Revolt program.

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ChargeWise is a voluntary program offered by Lake Country Power for members with a qualifying hardwired, level-2 electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). The qualifying EVSE must be enrolled in an Off-peak EV charging program.

Your electric cooperative will pay for up to $500 toward the price of a level-2 charger. Call the member service department for more information or to sign up. 800-421-9959, press #6.

ChargeWise Program

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Lake Country Power’s wholesale energy provider Great River Energy launched Revolt, a program that allows cooperative members to upgrade the electricity used to fuel their vehicles to wind energy at no additional cost.

Renewable sources are already part of Great River Energy’s power mix, but the Revolt program provides a more direct connection between wind energy and the electric vehicle driver.

Members can sign up for the free program if they purchase or lease a plug-in electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. The program is also open to members who already own or lease one of these types of electric vehicles.  Up to four electric vehicles per household may be enrolled in the program.

Great River Energy can ensure that Revolt participants’ electric vehicles are 100 percent wind powered by utilizing renewable energy credits (RECs). When a certain amount of wind energy is produced, a REC is created that embodies all of the environmental benefits of that energy. When you claim your upgrade, Great River Energy will dedicate wind energy RECs on your behalf, completely offsetting the energy used to power your electric vehicle.

While the vehicles will be completely powered by wind energy, standard or off-peak rates still apply for the electricity used to fuel them.

Signing up for Revolt is simple.

REVOLT Enrollment

Fill out and mail this one-page form, or contact Lake Country Power’s member service department by calling 800-421-9959, press #6.


What electric vehicles are eligible for Revolt?

Two categories of electric vehicles are eligible for enrollment in Revolt: plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) and plug-in hybrids (PHEV).

PEVs are all electric, all of the time – no internal combustion engine or gas tank involved.

PHEVs are the multi-taskers, running on both gas and electricity.

Hybrid electric vehicles that have a gas tank and no plug are not eligible. They charge through regenerative braking and by drawing power from the engine.