Right-of-Way Requirements for New Services

After meeting with one of Lake Country Power's staking technicians (and before a tentative construction date), please complete the following requirements before we can proceed with your new service. 

Acquire private Right-of-Way easements (private easements give LCP permission to install and maintain electrical equipment on adjoining properties). Right-of-Way Easement must be signed and notarized by all affected property owners. (Note: Lake Country Power staking technicians will apply for government easements on your behalf).

Clear the right-of-way (30 feet for underground, 40 feet for overhead, 50 feet for three-phase service).

Pay all line construction charges and permit fees. See insert (Lake Country Power Line Construction Charges)

  • Line construction charges will not exceed the actual cost of construction for electric service.

  • The application and cost estimates are valid for a period of nine months. 

If questions, please contact a new service representative at 800-421-9959, or see your new service application for additional information.