Does your school district have a project that needs funding?

Apply for Lake Country Power’s Education Improvement Program

Your school district may qualify for a grant up to $100,000 from Lake Country Power. The application deadline is November 30. Grants will be awarded the following spring or summer.

Lake Country Power’s board of directors will determine which projects require further consideration and may request in-person presentations as needed. Following the presentations, the board will discuss approving the grant distribution by vote. Lake Country Power has nine board of directors who represent the cooperative’s nine districts.


  • Applications must come from or have support from the school district administration for projects at any facility in their respective district.

  • Complete and submit application by deadline. Late applications will not be accepted.

  • Provide pertinent Minnesota Independent School District information requested on the Education Improvement Program application.

  • Provide a detailed budget demonstrating:

    • How grant funds will be spent on this project or program.

    • Sources and uses of existing program funds.

  • Attach your organization’s most current financial statement.

  • Be specific about your project on the application. The grant application form and most/all attachments will be submitted to the board of directors for review.

  • Be willing to appear for an in-person presentation if requested.

Grants Limitations

  • Fundraisers, raffles and other events.

  • Individuals.

  • Advertising.

  • Ongoing operational expenses.

  • Anything other than local education-based programs or organizations.

Education Improvement Program Grant


Eligibility and Criteria

The Lake Country Power board of directors will choose recipients based on the following criteria:

  • Application process is open to all independent school districts in the cooperative’s service territory.

  • Applications must come from the school district administration for projects at any facility in their respective district.

  • Repeat awards to any school will be at the discretion of the LCP board of directors.

  • Applications must be submitted on the official Education Improvement Program application form.

Apply Here

List of Qualifying School Districts


Lake Country Power is a member-owned Touchstone Energy® Cooperative serving parts of eight counties in northeastern Minnesota. The rural electric cooperative provides services to more than 43,000 members and has offices located in Cohasset, Kettle River and Mountain Iron.

On June 28, 2022, Lake Country Power’s board of directors approved the Education Improvement Program. The program utilizes “unclaimed capital credit” funds. The State of Minnesota allows electric cooperatives, like Lake Country Power, to keep the monies local and use toward educational purposes after several years of trying to locate former co-op members with their capital credits that are due. Funds that remain unclaimed are allowed to be used at the cooperative’s discretion if it meets State criteria.  

Lake Country Power is making every effort possible to keep the funds local while benefiting the communities and schools within the cooperative’s service area.