Why keep your account updated?

There are benefits to current contact information:

  • To fully utilize our automated outage reporting system, Lake Country Power needs a primary telephone number that uniquely associates your service location on our system (the phone number serves as our "trigger" to identify your service location when you enter it into our automated outage response system - it does not have to be the telephone number listed for the address).

  • A primary email address allows us to communicate important information and notices. ** Enrolling in SmartHub allows members to receive email and text notifications and have control of account information.

  • So we can contact you and return future capital credit payments.

Enroll in SmartHub

About email addresses

Please enter your Registered SmartHub Email login address or a Preferred Contact/Primary Email of your choosing in the form to ensure we have reliable contact information. If you are a SmartHub subscriber, your email address is your login username, and provides access to notifications and other important co-op messaging.

Review and send message

Please review the bottom portion of your monthly electric bill to verify the accuracy of your telephone or cell number, and also your service address, that is printed on your bill is the correct number we should use to identify your service location on our system. This number is your identification number to use when you contact us about power outages. If this number is incorrect, please fill out this online form.

After you've completed each field, click the "Send message" button so it's directed to a Lake Country Power call center representative who will update your records as you've requested. If the form doesn't work for you, please notify our call center with your updated information by calling 1-800-421-9959. Or you can write the change on the lower back side of your electric bill and mail with your payment. Thank you.


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