What to do in an Electrical Emergency

Electric shock

  • If someone comes into contact with a live electrical source around the home do not touch them.

  • Switch the power off, either at the source or at the main power switch. If you touch the person while they are still in contact with the electrical current you will also get an electric shock or be electrocuted.

  • The longer a person is in contact with the power source, the more likely the shock will be fatal. If it is not possible to turn the power off, use an insulated object such as a broom with a dry wooden handle to push the victim clear of the source of shock. Wear rubber soled shoes if possible.

  • Never choose anything even slightly damp to help rescue the victim.

  • Phone for an ambulance immediately – dial 9-1-1.

  • Administer appropriate first aid such as CPR. If you have not had first aid training, the emergency operator may be able to give you directions until help arrives.

  • In all cases of electric shock, even if the victim feels fine, seek medical treatment and advice immediately. Visit your local doctor or after hours medical center. Report all electrical accidents to the Energy Safety.

Learn first aid – It may save a life!