The annual Dual Fuel Equipment Test Sheds are scheduled for Thursday, October 27th and Saturday, October 29th, 2022. The test will include both Dual Fuel Unlimited and Dual Fuel Limited (i.e. Freedom Heating) codes. They will be performed between 6 PM – 9 PM CPT, unless there is a billing peak control event on these days.

Dear Lake Country Power Dual Fuel members:

Is your Dual Fuel heating program working properly? We’re asking because when demand for electricity is high during the winter months, your Dual Fuel electric heating source can be shut off for up to 12 hours at a time. During this winter’s heating season, the electric heat portion of your Dual Fuel system is expected to be controlled (shut off) a minimum of 100 – 150 hours, and it could be controlled up to a maximum of 400 hours during the season.

We’re reminding you to take time this fall to check the electric and non-electric (dual) parts of your heating equipment. Here are five practical tips:

  1. Operate the electric heating equipment to be sure the system responds to a “call for heat” from the thermostat.

  2. Operate the oil or propane system also to be sure the system responds to a “call for heat” from the thermostat.

  3. Have your gas or oil furnace/boiler checked periodically by a professional HVAC contractor. For cold weather, there is nothing better than having peace of mind knowing your Dual Fuel heating system will work as it should. For a list of contractors, visit> Money Saving Programs > Contractor Resources.

  4. If you wish to monitor the anticipated control periods of Dual Fuel through the heating season, visit, and then click on “Today’s Load” on the homepage of the LCP website.

  5. If you’d like to be notified in advance of a Dual Fuel control event (text message and/or e-mail), sign up for load control notifications in SmartHub. Don’t have SmartHub yet? Visit to get started.

Dual Fuel is a great value for co-op members, and it saves a typical home hundreds of dollars each year.

If you have questions about your dual fuel heating system or would like to place your electric water heater on our 8-hour interruptible program, please call 800-421-9959, and press 6 for a member service representative.


Lake Country Power/Member Service Department

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