Starting a Residential New Service with Lake Country Power

In order to make the installation of your new electric service easier, the process for starting a new service with Lake Country Power is outlined below.

Please read through the following steps for a better understanding of the new service process.

1. Initiating the application process for new service: 

  • Complete the Residential New Service Application in full

  • Complete the Membership/Service Agreement form, which is page 3 of the application

  • Provide Warranty Deed, including land owner's names and legal description of property

  • Right-of-Way Easement (easements give Lake Country Power permission to install and maintain electrical equipment on your property) with a complete legal description of the property as shown on deed or abstract (copies of tax statements not accepted). Right-of-Way Easement must be signed by those with authority and notarized. 

  • Submit a $750 Contribution in Aid to construction charge for single-phase; or $1,000 LCP Engineering Fee and $1,000 DNR permit application fee (total of $2,000) for underwater service  when you return the completed application to Lake Country Power. A portion of the Contribution in Aid to construction is non-refundable if request is canceled.

  • A security deposit of $100 is required and will be added to the first bill. The security deposit will be applied with interest to your electric bill after 12 months of satisfactory credit history.

 2. When the Contribution in Aid to Construction Charge and forms are in our office, an appointment will be scheduled with our staking technicians. They will meet you on your property to help determine the best options for your electrical service.  

 3. After meeting with a staking technician (and before a tentative construction date), you must complete the following requirements before we can proceed: 

  • Acquire private Right-of-Way easements (private easements give LCP permission to install and maintain electrical equipment on adjoining properties). Right-of-Way Easement must be signed and notarized by all affected property owners. (Note: Lake Country Power staking technicians will apply for government easements on your behalf).

  • Clear the right-of-way (30 feet for underground, 40 feet for overhead, 50 feet for three-phase service).

  • Pay all Lake Country Power Line Construction Charges (see #5 below).
      - Line construction charges will not exceed the actual cost of construction for electric service.
      - The application and cost estimates are valid for a period of nine months. 

 4. Comply with the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry Construction Code and Licensing Division requirements:

  • Provide a new service property address to Lake Country Power

  • Obtain electrical permit online with eTRAKiT. Provide Lake Country Power with electrical inspection number prior to scheduling installation. For your convenience, we’ve included a link: eTRAKiT

5. Line construction charges will apply as follows to new services, effective Jan. 26, 2021: 

  • Single-phase overhead 200 amp service:

$8.00 per foot for primary extension and the first run of secondary


  • Single-phase overhead service above 200 amp:

$8.00 per foot for primary extension and the first run of secondary
$8.00 per foot for additional runs of secondary


  • Single-phase underground 200 amp service:

$8.00 per foot for primary extension
$8.00 per foot for first run of secondary


  • Single-phase underground service above 200 amp:

$8.00 per foot for primary extension   
$8.00 per foot for additional runs of secondary  

  • Note: Primary is the high voltage that runs to the transformer. Secondary is the low voltage that runs between the transformer and the meter, and is used in homes and businesses. 

  • The application and cost estimates are valid for a period of 9 months.

  • Additional governmental permit fees may also apply (i.e. federal, state and county, etc.)

  • Winter construction charges (additional $14 per foot) shall apply to the extension of underground facilities after three inches of frost is present as determined by the cooperative. Underground new service and rebuild requests made after October 14 will be required to pay an additional $14 per foot winter construction charge before work is scheduled. All or a portion of the winter charges will be refunded depending on how much frost is encountered during construction.  

  • Additional special construction charges shall apply to the extension of facilities in difficult to build areas, in addition to line extension charges.

  • The following items are included for your new single-phase service from Lake Country Power:

    • Co-op furnishes 3 wire meter loops, including a 200 amp breaker type by-pass meter base loop mounted on pole or pedestal.

    • If you require a second service for Energy Wise® heating/cooling programs, Lake Country Power will provide a second 200 amp breaker type by-pass meter base loop mounted on pole or pedestal if requested and installed at the same time as the general service. (Note: service for heating and cooling will require the burying of an additional control wire or the purchasing of additional equipment such as an extenda socket.)  

 6. Upon completing the steps above, contact Lake Country Power to schedule your new service installation. Call 800-421-9959.

Contacts for New Services: