Interruptible Water Heating Option

This new water heating program is great for cabins or homes with limited space for a larger water heater tank. It also works well for commercial members in small kitchens and bathroom areas.

The program supplies hot water over a peak period while the electrical supply is interrupted up to eight hours a day. Lake Country Power requires a water heater with a minimum capacity of 50-gallons or more to participate.

8-Hour Interruptible Water Heating

Off-Peak Water Heating Option

Lake Country Power's off-peak water heating program provides a low-cost water heating option for your home or business.

A 100-gallon minimum capacity electric water heater is required. The water heater is energized or "turned on" for a minimum of eight hours per day, generally between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

Lake Country Power stocks and sells Marathon brand electric water heaters, which is a perfect match for the off-peak water heating program.

Off-Peak Electric Water Heating

Marathon Water Heater Brochure