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May 2, 2022

The latest step in the transition of Great River Energy’s renewable initiative is the sale of Coal Creek Station including the power plant and high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) transmission system to Rainbow Energy Center and Nexus Line, respectively. The transaction closed on May 2. Rainbow Energy Center will continue to operate the 1,151-megawatt (MW) power plant, and Great River Energy will operate and maintain the HVDC system for Nexus Line under a 20-year contract.

As part of this agreement, Great River Energy will purchase 1,050 MW of power from Rainbow Energy Center through early 2023, at which time the purchase amount decreases to 350 MW for eight years.

By reducing its coal-based energy and more than doubling its renewable energy, Great River Energy will reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by more than 80% by 2032, achieving Minnesota’s emissions target nearly two decades ahead of schedule.

“The power supply of Great River Energy reflects the values of our membership and advances Minnesota toward its energy and environmental goals,” said Jon Brekke, Great River Energy’s vice president and chief power supply officer. “We are transitioning from a historically coal-dependent cooperative to one with low carbon intensity. The balance in the new portfolio, including peaking, wind and the purchase of energy from Rainbow, is important for reliability and risk mitigation.”

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