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Cohasset, MN – Wednesday’s fast-moving thunderstorms affected electric service for more than 4,200 Lake Country Power members in the early evening hours. The storms brought hail and high winds which reportedly topped 70 miles per hour near Duluth. Widespread large outages have been reported near Duluth, Moose Lake and Grand Rapids, as well as scattered outages across the service territory.

Lake Country Power line crews are working to restore service at more than 60 various outage points, presently assessing damage and the cause for several larger service disruptions.

High winds and downed trees attributed to the majority of the outages. Crews and dispatchers will work into the night to restore as many members as possible in the shortest amount of time. As of 9:00 p.m., roughly 2,000 members, mostly north of Grand Rapids, were still awaiting restoration of electric service.

Members may call the cooperative at 1-800-421-9959 to report an outage, or visit the Outage Center online at or for an outage status.